Whether you believe in theism or atheism it does not matter,  it is to be understood that there is only one species called Homo sapiens(ourselves).

There isn’t any separate male or female humans, it is the beauty of nature/God that for life to sustain and continue for generation we have a male and female ,nothing more than that.

Apart from it men and women are humans their individual capacities and capabilities are limitless.The things that a male or female can achieve is based solely on that individual’s will, determination, passion, grit, quest for knowledge and thirst to excel.

But we have inscribed so many limits into the brain such that we become totally immobile and make our life revolve inside the four walls.

Also we have been very biased such that it is made to believe that anything that a women does is of inferior quality so on and so forth.

It is utterly irrational, the same woman when she cooks it is good, the same woman when takes care of the home it is good, the same woman when she goes through the pain and gives birth it is good.

The reason behind most women not being able to same thing better than a man is not because of their lack of skill but because of their denial of equal opportunities to get educated.

More than that it is the right to get exposure by the family society and self.

You get educated in a formal institution (school, college) but then you should be allowed to get experience and to explore the world around you to have a better understanding.

In the pre-historic the human society were built in such where men and women used to wander, group of men hunted the animals and women collected the botanical edibles.

Remember back then the ‘cooking was communal’ and so as the feasting.

But now everything is changed cooking is individual so as the feasting and nobody needs to wander around, everything is viable on one’s fingertips.

So the prehistoric practice is outdated and needs updation big time.

Nobody should be limited in the name of anything particularly in the name of GENDER.



Everyone should be educated about ourselves  =’THE HUMANS’ and also that we are equal.

The uniqueness will have to get created through one individual’s education, likes, dislikes, exposure, experience and not with GENDER.

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