21st generation people are far more jealous than before because they have the luxury of stalking into the lives of other people 24 *7 and also this generation of people right from day one in their life they are taught about competitiveness.

Competitiveness is perhaps the greatest misunderstood word of the dictionary as of today.

To be more competitive people become jealous (more concerned) about others achievements and activities rather than their own.

eg:Person A buys a bike for his easy commuting to his work place and home. Person B his neighbour also wants a bike just because other one has a bike though it was very comfortable, economical,time appropriate for him to commute to his work place by bus all these years

To rectify this ‘STOP’ being concerned about others and work yourselves for good
BEAT YOUR OWN BEST every single time.That is the way to develop your own self.

Competitiveness doesn’t mean that you have to replicate/duplicate others.

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